How to Raise Your Vibrations…

You might have guessed that this is another post about the Law of Attraction.
This one is more specifically directed at becoming a better attractor and removing any energy blockages. As mentioned in the previous post about the LOA, everything is made of energy and there is another universal law which works very closely with the LOA. This law of the Law of Vibration. This states that everything moves, nothing rests and that we can be on different vibrational levels.

The vibrational levels can be interpreted through our feelings, so if we are feeling spiteful or depressed we are on a low vibrational frequency so we can only attract more of depressing or spiteful situations and people. Whereas if we feel gratitude or love we are on the highest possible frequencies. These emotions make us feel confident and calm which means we will attracting more things we can be grateful for and more people we can love.

Most people, including myself, don't realize when they are sinking into low vibrations and even if so how do I fix it? Here's a list of ways you can raise your vibrations;

  1. Write down a list of things that you are grateful for like a partner or an experience.
  2. Eat some fresh fruit or veg. It's no secret that eating cleaner makes us feel better, it's in fact raising your vibrations.
  3. Listen to a song that makes you happy. Our egos can't resist music and the way it can make us feel.
  4. Recall a pleasant memory. Whether it's an experience or person, looking back on happy moments will help us get to a high frequency.
  5. Meditate. This may be daunting to some but those who are willing to try it/have tried it will know just how powerful it can be.
  6. Random acts of kindness. Complimenting a stranger or helping an elderly person will undoubtedly make you feel great and you'll also make someone else's day brighter.
  7. Exercise. When you exercise, you release important hormones and clear your mind which gets rid of any low-vibe thoughts.

I hope you implement these into your life, should you need them. Being more conscious of my thoughts has definitely helped me catch myself thinking things which made me feel even worse and then reverse the effect. It's a crucial part to the LOA and there is no way around it.

Help yourself by being a little more grateful today.

-Wiki Kowalczyk 🙂


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