We Are Destroying our Planet and It Must Stop…

For the 11th anniversary of Al Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth", the former Vice President is releasing an updated documentary on the crippling effects of Climate Change on our ecosystems. "The Inconvenient Sequel" comes out on the 28th of July and it'll be full of updated statistics and future predictions, as the condition of our planet has quite evidently exceeded many expectations.

In Al Gore's first documentary, there are many core-shaking facts and scary truths. From the documentary we know that, should the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets melt, sea levels will rise 6 meters. Then there are the temperatures. They're rising at a rapid rate due to the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere trapping the heat, particularly the 406.56 parts per million of CO2. This is what heats our oceans, creating stronger storms. Super Storms are becoming more frequent and could soon be the new normality for the people living near the Tropics. Very recently, just last week, the biggest ice cap (the Antarctic ice shelf) broke off. It snapped in two and the process of rapid melting has begun. This is detrimental to low lying countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

In other words, if REAL action isn't taken NOW we will definitely need to start looking at planets to continue life on, as it's predicted Gen Z's children will face a very difficult life on Earth.

What you can do-

  1. EDUCATE YOURSELF. The first step to conquering any problem is gaining knowledge on statistics and future predictions.
  2. Make a fair judgement and educate others. From what you have read, do you think the predictions are likely? How much of it is most likely true? Once you have decided, share your knowledge and resources with your friends so they can make a judgement too.
  3. Donate to legitimate charities who work to improve the quality of life for those affected by climate change OR to labs who are studying this cause. With the new US president, this very serious situation is getting little funding and media coverage.
  4. Vote for politicians who are active in this cause. Make sure you use your vote wisely. Vote for people who are going to make that change. You may feel very helpless but this is one of the most powerful things you can do.
  5. Get active. Use your time to help in affected areas. If you have the chance, travel and volunteer. See the world with your own eyes. There are many volunteering organizations who go out and help in devastated places like Bali or Ghana.
  6. If you can't volunteer or donate, join a club. You could help in your area by picking up the litter or raising funds for bigger charities. There was a story about a group of kids from a small town who raised $5,000 to get to the UN headquarters and give a speech. These stories should inspire us to take matters into our own hands because if there's a will, there's always a way.

Please do not ignore what is going on around us, even if you aren't going to act at least educate yourself. Read about it, watch the documentaries. The effects are truly devastating both to humans and animals. If this generation doesn't act up on it, all hope is lost.

Links to helpful websites-
NASA Information Site
Green Peace

-Wiki Kowalczyk 🙂


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