Where I See Myself in The Next 3 Years…

I thought I'd share with you where I see myself and what I see myself doing. Take this as a written version of a vision board. I'm better at writing than I am at anything else so I thought I'd put my creative energy into good use.

(Everything is in present tense as that is a powerful LOA tool)

Next Year:
I'm doing well, both in school and in an employment environment. I have enough money for all the leisures that I'd like to take up, like weekend trips to Greece and a professional camera for better photography. I'm in my new summer house in Bulgaria with my family, the house has just been finished and it smells of new furniture. I'm doing a lot of social media work and because of that my Instagram account is growing rapidly. Thanks to the big success of my Summer 2017 video I gained a YouTube audience. I'm also spending quality time with my boyfriend and we are closer than ever. I'm the most content I've ever been.

Thassos, Greece.

Next Two Years:
I am working with many companies and I have travelled to places like Bali and Australia with my best friend. I'm meeting influencers and my Instagram & YouTube very big. My life has changed very much from the year 2017 and I'm the happiest I could be. I'm very in love with my boyfriend and he supports me in everything I do.

Alexis Ren & Jay Alvarrez in Bali

Next Three Years:
I have an apartment with my boyfriend. He works and travels during the same time that I do, when we come home we spend every moment together. When work settled down, we got a tan-coloured Cocker Spaniel. We love it so much and if I have to travel or work away it stays with my friends. My boyfriend and I celebrate and enjoy each other's successes as we have built a great life together.

"If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand." – Bob Procter

I hope some of these ideas inspired you. I recommend that you make your own vision board, written or full of pictures. Not only does it help you reach your goals but it also makes you feel great.

-Wiki Kowalczyk 🙂


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