Importance of Being Grateful…

So recently I have been going through quite a hard time. Magically everything started going wrong at the same time, though I know it wasn’t a coincidence. The thoughts from the week before have manifested and I didn’t know how to fix it.

I basically fell out with my parents and with my boyfriend, I lost motivation and inspiration and started feeling quite depressed. This morning I talked to my best friend about it, I really opened up to her. I knew I had to stop thinking negatively and start feeling grateful & happy again but when you fall into a rut, you want to immerse yourself in it.

She talked to me for about an hour. I listed everything that has gone wrong and she came up with solutions on how to fix it. The words she was saying reminded me how grateful I felt just days before. I really felt it again and realized that I need to get out of this before it was too late. I started expecting something wonderful to happen, I was going to keep telling myself that all day. At the time I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be exactly but I knew I wanted it to be brilliant.

Indeed I forgot to remind myself but continued to work on my happiness and for the first time in about a week I felt good. You might think, okay you felt better but did your circumstances actually changed?
The answer is no, the family problems were still there & my boyfriend and I were still tense though I did gain back most of my motivation and inspiration. What changed is how I felt and that’s the first and only step to changing your reality.

So fast forward to the end of the day, about 20:40 I get a message from a photographer. He replied to my story on Instagram, he complimented my feed and said he could tell I was very confident through my photos. I thanked him and thought nothing more of it (though I was over the moon). About 1 hour later he messaged me again, telling me he’d love to work with me and that we should schedule something when we’re both less busy. That’s literally all I have ever wanted!!! It made me so happy as the day I changed my perspective and started feeling grateful for the smallest things I had, the Universe gave me more reasons to feel grateful.

Please remember it’s okay to feel the pain, it’s okay to fall into ruts and stay there for a few days but you need to start noticing when it’s time to go back to the foreground. Also know that literally the second you change your thinking, your feelings start to change and the Universe starts moving people and events to work in your favour!

-Wiki Kowalczyk 🙂


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