Get Motivated To Work…

With the school year starting soon, most of us can imagine the shit load of work we'll have to produce to be able to sit and pass our exams. This is my first year of sitting them and I'm hoping to secure myself A passes on most of them. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to achieve that aside from intense study and note-taking which I'm not so enthusiastic about.

Regardless of what exams you'll be sitting or even if you're starting work instead of school, we all know motivation and commitment are 100% required. The first and most important step to assuring you succeed in whatever you do is MAKE SURE YOU'RE ENJOYING IT! I cannot stress this enough! I have friends who chose subjects just because their parents or friends pressured them into taking and they don't actually enjoy learning it. If you don't love what you do, it'll feel like a chore and there'll always be resistance.

The second step to success is believing you can achieve the desired result. It's impossible to work hard and believe you can't get what you're working towards. If you work hard you're always making progress, whether you make mistakes or understand everything off the bat so as you make progress you start understanding you can achieve anything you want. I recommend you realize this before actually getting started. So spend the last weeks of summer finding the grade you want for every subject and how much you want to commit to achieve it. If you truly believe you can get that B in Maths, you might even start being excited to start the work.

My final piece of advice is do everything you can, even if it's more than what needs done. Study an extra 10mins for every subject, go online and test yourself, do lesson write-ups and note down everything you done during class from memory (this'll help you recall pieces of information better and quicker). The more you can do the better because the only way you can truly be prepared for the exam is being ready to answer any question.

I know you don't want to be thinking about exams or school already but even if you just think of it lightheartedly and figure out what you want briefly, that'll help you to go in prepared.

And if you have any slip-ups along the way always being yourself back to the foreground. Remind yourself of what you want and what you need to do to get it. It just might be the hardest road for a teenager towards adulthood but we need to embrace it and give ourselves the best chance at success.

-Wiki Kowalczyk 🙂


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